This summer, we spent a week at Mission Serve in Charlotte NC. While we were there we roofed, painted houses, and worshipped the Lord with people from different churches. The week we spent there proved to be a life changing experience for many reasons. For example, we spent every night worshipping the Lord in song. These services were something we have never experienced or will never forget. The services were so powerful and moving because you could feel the presence of God in the room with you as you sang. Everyone was so passionate about the songs. Every song we sang related to someone’s walk with Christ and helped us to express our faith through the music.

As a form of worship, music allows us to convey our love for Christ by lifting our voices to Him, listening to the message in the lyrics, and using music as an outlet to grow closer to God. Music can bring us out of the darkness and it reminds us of God’s mercy and grace. It can allow us to connect with God in different ways and it lets us hear what he has to say. For us personally, music is a way to use our gifts. In 1 Peter 4:10 it says, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” By leading the praise band or being involved in church choir, we are using our gift of music to praise God and lead others to praise God. Music grants us the ability to spread God’s word and share his everlasting love. In our times of need, Christian music is uplifting and a great reminder that God will never leave us. Needless to say, music is an incredible way to express our faith and strengthen our walk with God.

Blog Post by Abbi Mays and Gabbie Wray

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