TBC Israel Trip: Day 1

Today, we traveled to Israel and going half way around the world is a journey in and of itself. First, we took a bus for 3 hours from Trinity to Charlotte. Once we got to Charlotte and made it through the long ticket line, we took a plane from Charlotte to Munich, Germany, which was just a “quick” flight of 8 hours. Our layover in Germany was very eventful as all we wanted was a soda but no one knew how to use the vending machine. No one could figure out how to use this machine because it was only in German! (If Mark Munday can’t do it then no one can) One of the biggest lessons I learned while traveling internationally is bring your own food, airplane food is the worst and I will never eat it ever again. It really seems appealing, the whole thought of eating food on a plane that is hot and brought right to you, but after that second flight you really start to feel it. The flight from Munich to Tel Aviv felt like a breeze being only 4 hours. (I’m pretty sure I was asleep the whole time but I don’t really know at this point after being awake for 30 hours straight) All around the first day was pretty uneventful yet eventful all at the same time but Israel is 7 hours ahead of the US so I’m pretty sure I am just saying that because of the jet lag.

-Gabby Paula

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