“Did I tell you my grandfather was a bus driver. I want to go like him, in his sleep, not like his 50 screaming passengers”.
     That is not something you want to hear going up the winding roads of Golan Heights. The scenic overlooks were not for the faint of heart but the view was one of my favorite parts of the trip so far. It was really amazing to be in the place were Jesus preformed a miracle when casting the demons out of Legion. After reading about it and then later leading a devotion about the story at Mission Serve, it really makes it a special place to see and witness where Jesus preformed these miracles.
    Another shocking part of my day was standing so close to the Syrian border. Everywhere you looked you could see the border seemingly unthreatening and one could say easy to get through until you see the small yellow signs. They were land mines. Our tour guide Boaz took us to “the valley of tears” where the major battle on Yom Kippur took place in 1973. There we were able to stand on real tanks left in the same places they were during the war.

     One of the highlights of my trip so far was the Yardenit. The Yardenit is the place that you are able to be baptized in the Jordan river. It has always been a dream of mine to be baptized in the same river that Jesus was so long ago and it was surreal that I actually had the opportunity to and that Dr. Roberts baptized us.

   All in all the first days have been adventure filled and tiring!
-Gabby Paula

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